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Muslim Weather Clock Widget

Muslim Weather Clock Widget

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Android version: Android 4.1
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Upload Date 22-09-2021, 00:00
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Embellish your desktop screen with symbolic “digital clock” of Muslim religion - ★ Muslim Weather Clock Widget ★! Get informed about “time and weather” and you will never be late for your daily prayer in mosque or masjid! With this Muslim “Weather & Clock Widget for Android”, the quick and “accurate weather app”, you will be informed about detailed weather for all muslim holy cities worldwide – Jerusalem, Mecca, Medina. This smart and religious, primarily functional “widget gadget” searches your address and locates cities so quickly. Also, it provides the current temperature, current weather condition, humidity, pressure and wind speed and direction, in addition, five, ten days and hourly weather forecast. Celebrate Nation of Islam and Five Pillars of Islam with multi color digital clock with the most beautiful Arabic alphabet! This is a perfect combination of an Allah “digital clock” and “weather widget” featuring beautiful “pictures of Islam”. Set the best “Allah clock” - Muslim edition that will remind you everyday of Faith, Prayer, Charity, Fasting and Pilgrimage!

★ Every day a new digital clock is available.
★ Top widget clocks of different sizes and shapes.
★ World weather and local weather widget.
★ Auto-detection of your current location.
★ Details about the temperature, humidity, pressure, cloudiness, and wind speed.
★ Sunrise and sunset times.
★ Easy to use for adults and children.

This ★ Muslim Weather Clock Widget ★ is made for all Muslim people, as for Sunni Muslims as for Shia Islam followers! Every time you want to check what time it is, you will see your One and only God of Islam religion and you will hear the “hadisi” of the last prophet Muhammad. Follow the latest “weather forecast” on this islamic “digital clock” and worship Allah in every way. This “Allah Clock” will inform you constantly about the accurate weather, accurate date and time. Show your devotion to Allah and let your purpose of existence be the final revelation of God – Allah! Keep yourself up-to date with this “religious clock” and whisper His name with Hadith! This is an ideal solution for all Islam population who want to combine “Allah pictures” and Arabic calligraphy with wonderful “Islamic clocks”! This is just another way more to show your love and affection to El – Latifu, El – Rahim and El-Kuddusu and to all 99 names of Allah. Download this great “Allah clock widget” inspired by Quran and by the glory of Allah!

How to set the Clock Weather Widget:
- First, you have to ADD the “clock widget” to your home screen!
- Scroll down to MENU and press the ADD button, or long press on the empty space on your screen until the pop-up window tagged ADD TO HOME SCREEN comes out.
- You might need to find the + button, or the option WIDGET to add the clock to your screen.

What time is it? It's a Prayer time! Customize your screen with the “best widgets for Android” and put your free ★ Muslim Weather Clock Widget ★ on your favorite “Islamic wallpaper background”! Everything will look like from the 6 Kalma of Islam and you will have the best “Allah backgrounds” for your smartphone! Download it for free and provide yourself a digital clock widget 4x1 with addition of the worldwide weather forecast! Share it with your muslim friends and find the Qibla weather forecast towards Mecca any were in the world. It will also give all the local Salah times from Fajr to Isha Namaz. Mashallah!

Digital Clock Weather Widget – created for users of all generations! All you need to do is choose your current location (city/country), temperature (C/K/F), and your favorite weather widget pattern. Both the time and the weather conditions are 100% accurate.

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